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Syllabuswelcome To Mrs. Bryan's Learning Cafe Facebook

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Class Syllabus

I am excited to have the opportunity to be your child's 6th grade teacher. The following will provide guidelines for the class.
* Lined notebook paper.
* At least 5 pencils.
* Any other supplies that you feel will benefit your child's success in school.
* This material list is recommended to help your child organize and complete school work efficiently.
Class Goals:
To learn 6th grade standards as applicable to each class. To reinforce organization, motivation, and discipline. These skills are totally necessary to perform well in school.
Student Expectations:
* Complete all work on time. I do not accept late work.
* I expect all students to behave responsibly, and respectfully in accordance with both class and school discipline policies.
What can you do to help your child be successsful in Middle School?
Check your child's homework for neatness and that it is complete. Remind your child that he/she must learn to be organized, motivated, and disciplined to be successful in Middle School.
Mr. Bryan Jr.