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The Bat! (64-bit)9.1.1822 April 202040.18 MBthebat_64_9-1-18.msi
The Bat! (32-bit)9.1.1822 April 202036.57 MBthebat_32_9-1-18.msi
The Bat! Voyager8.8.9.1128 August 201925.31 MBvoyager_install_8-8-9-11.exe
The Bat! (32-bit)8.8.904 June 201933.16 MBthebat_32_8-8-9.msi
The Bat! (64-bit)8.8.904 June 201935.78 MBthebat_64_8-8-9.msi
The Bat! (32-bit)7.4.1603 March 201732.59 MBthebat_32_7-4-16.msi
The Bat! (64-bit)7.4.1603 March 201735.24 MBthebat_64_7-4-16.msi
The Bat! Voyager7.4.4.113 January 201725.41 MBvoyager_install_7-4-4-1.exe
The Bat! (32-bit) July 201532.72 MBthebat_32_7-0-0-56.msi
The Bat! (64-bit) July 201535.5 MBthebat_64_7-0-0-56.msi
The Bat! Voyager7.0.0.5430 July 201526.14 MBvoyager_install_7-0-0-54.exe
The Bat! (64-bit)6.8.829 June 201533.83 MBthebat_64_6-8-8.msi
The Bat! (32-bit)6.8.829 June 201531.36 MBthebat_32_6-8-8.msi
The Bat! Voyager6.8.4.117 June 201525.24 MBvoyager_install_6-8-4-1.exe
The Bat! (Professional)6.0.1219 December 201326.74 MBthebat_pro_6-0-12.msi
The Bat! (Home)6.0.1219 December 20138.74 MBthebat_home_6-0-12.msi
International Pack6.0.1219 December 201313.46 MBintpack_6-0-12.msi
The Bat! (Russian)6.0.1219 December 201313.06 MBthebat_rus_6-0-12.msi
The Bat! (Professional)5.8.827 October 201324.83 MBthebat_pro_5-8-8.msi
The Bat! (Russian)5.8.827 October 201311.85 MBthebat_rus_5-8-8.msi
The Bat! (Home)5.8.827 October 20137.15 MBthebat_home_5-8-8.msi
International Pack5.8.827 October 201313.46 MBintpack_5-8-8.msi
The Bat! Voyager5.8.327 September 201320.25 MBvoyager_install_5-8-3.exe
The Bat! (Professional)5.0.3602 March 201216.11 MBthebat_pro_5-0-36.msi
The Bat! Voyager5.0.32.125 January 201212.11 MBvoyager_install_5-0-32-1.exe
The Bat! (Professional)4.2.4428 March 201116.05 MBthebat_pro_4-2-44.msi
The Bat! Voyager4.2.38.722 December 201011.97 MBvoyager_install_4-2-38-7.exe
The Bat! Voyager4.0.3821 November 200813.06 MBvoyager_install_4-0-38.exe
The Bat! (Russian)4.0.3821 November 200818.51 MBthebat_rus_4-0-38.msi
The Bat! (Home)4.0.3821 November 20087.99 MBthebat_home_4-0-38.msi
The Bat! (Professional)4.0.3821 November 200815.48 MBthebat_pro_4-0-38.msi
International Pack4.0.3620 November 20085.92 MBintpack_4-0-36.msi
The Bat! (Professional)3.99.307 September 200712.69 MBthebat_pro_3-99-3.msi
The Bat! (Russian)3.99.306 September 20079.52 MBthebat_rus_3-99-3.msi
The Bat!2.12.0411 July 20043.93 MBthe_bat_2.12.04.exe
International Pack2.0314 January 20043.59 MBintpack_2-03.exe
The Bat!1.6201 August 20032.4 MBthe_bat_1.62.exe