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The best auto tune settings Just wanted to know whats the best settings to achieve an in key smooth sounding recording. I know it takes a good recording but sometimes its a bit difficult matching the antares key to the key that I'm singing/ or key of the instrumental. Antares Auto-Tune Pro (Paid) Auto-Tune is the original pitch correction software. Download VisualVox Auto-Tune VST plugin 5) MAutoPitch (Free) With over 50,000 downloads every month, we should crown MAutoPitch the best free autotune VST Plugin. This free pitch.

One of the best auto tune apps to have on your smartphone and tablet, AutoTune Mobile is a professional audio recording software for pitch correcting vocals with ease and grace. When you start singing, AutoTune Mobile auto detects notes and tweaks or pitch corrects them to the right key of the song. 5) Waves Tune Real-Time (Paid) While cheaper than the regular version of Tune, Tune Real-Time offers a quick and user-friendly experience for tuning vocals. I’d compare this plugin to using Auto-Tune on AUTO mode. Note transition is iffy at best and artifacts are present throughout (at least when I used it). The plugin isn’t smooth sounding.

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Finding the best autotune free app can really help you get started on your music career. Autotune 5 free download version is a great choice, as is the autotune 8 free download. While these are well-known options, these are not your only choices. You may even want to use a few different of these plugins to achieve that perfect sound that you envision for your music. These are 10 of the best autotune plugins to download in 2019.

1. GSnap Autotune

GSnap autotune is considered to be the original free autotune plugins. Just because it was the first autotune freeware, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a lot of features with this product. However, this does only work on Windows systems.

2. MAutoPitch

This free autotune Melda is a solid choice for those people looking for free autotune plugins. The pitch correction features and other great features, this is one of the top choices.

3. KeroVee

KeroVee may lack the polished look and robotic effects of some of the other free options, but this plugin does still get the job done. It also allows for the user to get rid of subtle pitch changes.

4. Grallion 2

Grallion is one of the most popular free choices and one reason for that is because of how simple it is to use it. It is intuitive, allowing for a more natural sound quality.

5. X42 Auto-Tune

Best free autotune plugin

Here is another very simple to use program. You can create a more organic sound in vocals due to some of the more unique features like the bias parameter on this app.

Auto Tune Vst Plugin

6. AAS Autotune

What’s unique about AAS Autotune is that there is no interface. It is easy to use and lightweight, allowing you to just set it to work with your track while you work on something else.

7. Autotalent

You may be put off at the simplicity of the interface, but this is a powerful autotune plugin. Whether you want a lighter autotune effect or you want a more robotic sound, you can set your parameters to achieve that sound. You can even get chiptune effects for your music.

8. Auto-Tune Evo

This program has 2 different approaches to pitch correct. The basic option is Automatic Mode, giving you real-time pitch correction. Graphical Mode offers you more control over tweaking the sound.

9. Acustica Ochre EQ

The quality of EQ on this app is amazing and essential for mixing a quality track. You can quickly improve the vocals in less time without sacrificing quality.

10. Acon Digital Multiply Chorus

With Acon, you can really add new life to your tracks thanks to is many features. You are able to fill out your vocals, adding more depth to your tracks.

The Best Auto Tune Pluginwillever

Autotune can be an important part of the process of mixing your tracks, especially if there are things that you would like to correct during the production process. There are so many different options out there, but these choices are going to give you the best results.

To give yourself a boost in terms of your singing skills, the best autotune apps is a must. Hence, in this post, I would like to list out the top best autotune apps that you must try. Even if you are a bathroom singer, you can give these auto tuners a shot.

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These auto tune apps will make your voice sound like a professional singer. As a result, you can slowly transform yourself from a bathroom singer to a professional singer.

These are the best free auto-tune app that you can try. These can be downloaded from the official app stores, hence you need not worry about the authenticity of these apps.
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List Of Best Auto Tune Apps

Best Auto Tune Apps For Android

The list below contains some of the apps that are present for android users. These could be regarded as the same of the best auto tune apps for android. Hence, could be directly downloaded from the official Google app store.

  1. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune

    Voloco is known for some of the best effects from the auto tune World. It has been downloaded by more than 200 thousand users from all over the world. Voloco is a real time auto processing app. It processes an amazing combination of automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. As a result the output is just amazing.

    When you are using this app, all you need to do is to pick a track from your phone or from Voloco’s library and sing to it, voloco will tune your voice to the track automatically. You also can easily share the video from the app itself.

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  2. Smule

    Smule is also known as a social singing app. You can sing with people who have smule installed on their phone. The auto tune feature works wonderfully well. Also, you may make a group of singers and sing at the same time. The auto tune will work simultaneously and you will have awesome result.

    You also can use the smule as one of the best karaoke app. Smule supports background scores like Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, K-pop. As a result you may pick and choose whatever you want and make the best out of this prefect auto tune app.

  3. Tune Me

    Another one of the great app that you have for auto tune. With Tune Me, you can record the tracks, pitch shift, auto pitch shift effects and it also has over 500+ beats to support. Tune Me also has fast processing feature. This feature enables you to tune and record the song at the same time. Hence, you can go live with this app and you will sound just like a professional singer.

    With a feature called calibration, you will be able to sync your song with the beats automatically. It also supports mixer, wave forms and clip light to support you when ever you are off the track or are singing too loudly.

  4. Super Voice Editor

    This is one of the best voice changer app for all the android users. The USP of this app lies in the auto tune feature of this app. With some of the amazing dubbed audios and audio conversion, this app servers a great purpose. The auto tune feature will let your voice be in sync with the background.

    Post recording your music, you also can edit the same with the app itself. Super Voice Editor has also got voice modulator and voice modifier as well. You will find these amazing options within this all-in-one app for voice recordings. Proximity download in hindi.

Best Auto Tune Apps For iOS

  1. Voloco For iOS

    Voloco is also present for all the iOS users. It has all the auto tune features. Also, you have the option to mix with another tape. All you need to do is to download the track that you have auto tuned and import the same into another app. There is a beat library that you can use to choose the beat of your choice. Hence, you can make a new mix of any song that you like.

    It also supports some top quality tracks saved by professional singers. Voloco also supports many presets that could be used with every genre of songs. Some of them include, rap preset, bon hiver, duft pank, sitar hero etc.

  2. Auto Tune Mobile

    For all the iOS users this is another great app. This is easy to use app with pretty clear functions. The main feature of this app is to bring the vocal pitch correction to vocal performance. With this app you can sing your favorite song and the app does its magic. It will automatically correct the pitch of your notes, to the nearest valid note. As a result of which you will get a prefect singing voice.

    You also can connect this app with your microphone and your sound system. This will enable the app to auto tune your voice while you are singing live. This app also enables the vocals to be corrected to the nearest pitch based on the key and scale of the song.

The Best Autotune Plugin

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