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®Powertrack : All-Terrain Tracks for Trucks

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Consisting of a mechanism that can be used on multiple types of road vehicles (trucks, Jeep, 4x4, etc.), truck tracks, developed and marketed by the Quebec firm Powertrack, allow you to get around in snow, mud, or mountain passages more easily and, most importantly, more efficiently.

What Is the Purpose of Truck Tracks?

With special characteristics, Powertrack truck tracks replace the tires of trucks and all-terrain vehicles to provide better ground traction and allow them to get to hard- to-reach places.

Who Would Want Truck Tracks?

Fully designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada, Powertrack truck tracks allow many companies – including those operating in the tourism, security, mining, and forestry sectors – to go where no one else is able to go, thus increasing their performance and competitiveness.


In the mining sector, truck tracks can be used to carry out prospecting work in mountainous terrain, where ordinarily the land is accessible only in summer.
In the field of emergency services, truck tracks can help drivers reach places where access is limited by snow or mud, and thus rescue an injured person more easily.

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  • • 30 times more surface contact with the ground than regular 4x4 or SUV tires
  • • Reducing vehicle speed by 50% while doubling its strength
  • • Carrying capacity of considerable loads without affecting the vehicle's mechanics
  • • Useful in all seasons
  • • Easy to install and uninstall

To learn more about our truck tracks systems, contact-us now. Our clientele is diverse and international. Our production capacity is limited only by your needs and imagination.

Listed below are the daily admission rates for entry into Florida Tracks and Trails’ Recreation Park. Rates are per person, per day and includes access to the Paintball Park, Off-Road Trails, MX Tracks, UTV Track, Mud Zone and Beach.

Admission 12 and Up:

Spectator entry $10

Full Pass / Rider Band $33

Full Pass / Rider Band Weekend (2 day) $60

Paintball Only Pass $20

Trackside VIP Parking $10

Paintball Rentals $10 comes with mask, gun, and airtank

Gulfstream race track

Paintball paint $40-$55 prices vary on current paint prices

Military and First Responders $26

Admission Kids 6-12:

Spectator entry $10

Full Pass / Rider Band $16 (Included Paintball)

Full Pass / Rider Band Weekend (2 day) $30


Kids Under 6:



  • Self Contained (no hook up) $25 per night per tent or RV.
  • Power and water hook up $50 per night per RV.

Please call 239-284-4644 to book yours.

You do not need to pre register to stay if you are self contained. Check in is on Friday nights between 5pm and 12am. This fee does not include daily park admission. Rider bands or spectator bands for BOTH DAYS must be purchased with overnight stay fee to stay the entire weekend. On Sunday morning if you have not purchased a band for Sunday you must check out BY 9AM.(we do have a fill station for water but we do not have water hook ups).

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*The above rates are for General Park Admission into the Recreation Park at FTT. Rates are subject to applicable local and state taxes and fees. Admission to special events including races, concerts, festivals and other events held within a specific area of the Recreation Park or at the Entertainment Grounds within Florida Tracks and Trails are priced separately and can be found on the event website pertaining to that event. Daily Park Admission is not required in order to attend special events.