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TOP3100 Universal Programmer The TOP3100 programmer has compact size, lowe power comsuption, high reliability. This is an universal equipment especially designed for MCU and EPROMs programming. USB universal serial port is used to connect with the PC, communications, support 2000/xp//Vista/Win7 to Win10, software.

Logic Analyzer FPGA/MCU Training Kit

Original Brand Universal Chip Programmers Device made in China, including: Chip programmer, IC programmer, EPROM programmer, Flash programmer, ISP programmer, PIC programmer, Production Programmer and bios programmer. Universal programmers Elnec - European quality, 3 years warranty, large number of supported devices and free software updates. Elnec - Universal programmers, usb programmers. This programmer will be able to program Satellite Receiver Flash ICs, Universal LCD/LED TV Board Flash Chips, Computer, Laptop, and Notebook Flash IC Chips, WIFI Routers, DVD and Set-up boxes and many more electronics equipment Flash Chips can be easily programmed with this Mini USB Programmer. The programming speed has nothing to do with the computer's CPU speed. Support more than 2000+ devices from AMD, CATALYST, FUJITSU, HITAVHI, ST, MICROCHIP, NEC, NS,OKI, SONY, TI, TOSHIBA, WLSI, AMIC, ATMEL, INTEL and so on. TOP2007 universal programmer package 1. TOP2007 USB universal programmer 2. Iso 7498 2 security model diagram. USB power cable 3. Software for Win98SE / Me.

Stand-alone Universal Gang Universal Programmer X4
Why Do You Need A Universal Programmer?
SU-320 is a high speed gang universal programmer for engineering design and production purposes. It supports PC-based and Stand-alone programming modes and offers uniquely designed “X4” adapters allowing you to program 4 devices at the same time. CPLD, SPI NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, SRAM, MCU, MICROCONTROLLER are all covered.
  • Provides DUT 75MHz bandwidth and < ±2.5nS signal skew.
  • Provides stand-alone mode operation. With 5 keys and 20×4 LCD, you can select a project and easily start to program without PC.
  • Portable and compact design, minimizing the working space and maximizing the efficiency.
  • Provides IC insertion test and contact check before universal programming. In the AUTO mode, just insert the IC, and SU-320 will start all the processes automatically.
  • Provides high-expansion flexibility modular design. It can be used as single-site universal programmer or gang universal programmer.
  • Provides mass-production-oriented software with full log info for best traceability.


    • Logic Signal Level : 1.5V~6.0V, 10mV
    • Logic Signal Frequency : 75MHz (3~5V) / 60MHz (2.5V) / 45MHz (1.8V) / 25MHz (1.5V)
    • Clock : 0Hz~75MHz
    • IDD & IIO Current : 400mA
    • IPP & IHH Current : 150mA
  • Button : Direction key x 4. START key with light x 1
  • Module Dimension : 120mm(L) × 75mm(W)
  • Weight : 1.1kg
  • Support File format : Binary/Machine Code, Intel HEX, TEK HEX, Motorola HEX
  • Operating System : Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP ( 32bits & 64bits )
  • Memory : 2 GB RAM above
  • Hard Disk : Main program 500MB above / Buffer 2GB above
  • Main unit x 1
  • User Cable x 1
  • CD ( Included Driver & User’s Manual ) x 1
  • Power Adapter DC 5V/2A 10W x1
  • SU-3280-DIP48, Universal DIP-48 module x 1
  • BGA64-29-X4(10×13), BGA64-29-X4(11×13), BGA64-29-X4(9×9),BGA64-J3-P3-X4(10×13), BGA64-J3-P3-X4(10×8)
  • NOR-TSOP48-X4, NOR-TSOP56-29-X4, NOR-TSOP56-J3-X4, NOR-TSOP56-P3-X4
  • SOP8-207-X4, SOP8-150-X4, SON8-4×4-X4
  • WSON8-1.97×2.46-X4,WSON8-2×3-X4, WSON8-5×6-X4, WSON8-6×8-X4…adapters


FAX: +886-2-2999-9873




StarProg-U is an engineering universal IC programmer which supports a variety of IC on the market, like EEPROM, SPI NOR/NAND FLASH, Parallel NOR/NAND Flash, eMMC/eMCP, Microcontroller (MCU), etc. Powered by USB port and does not need external power. StarProg-U provides users Command Line for software redevelopment. Palm size and space saving. Whether engineering development or low volume production, StarProg-U offers you the best solution. This programmer programs IC through DediProg designed socket adaptors.


  • High programming speed
    • Built-in high-speed processor to achieve high programming speed.

Universal Eprom Programmer

Timing Reference (P+V)
ST BlueNRG-13221.5s
  • Support all IC families and packages
    • Support EEPROM, SPI NOR/NAND Flash, Parallel NOR/NAND Flash, Microcontroller (MCU), eMMC/eMCP, CPLD, FPGA, etc.
    • Support DIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, LQFP, BGA package, etc.
    • Regular device update.
  • Support a variety of file formats
    • Binary, Intel Hex, Motorola, ROM, etc.
  • Support 1.8V low voltage IC.
  • Provide Command Line.
    • User can use 3rd party software to control the programmer through Windows command line.

Unipro Universal Programmer Software Download

  • Powered by USB port, external power is not needed.
  • Unlimited number of StarProg-U can be driven by 1PC.