University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program


Dental students will pursue either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Either terminal degree takes 4 years of dental school after you earn your bachelor’s degree. Preparation for dental school involves curricular and extracurricular experiences which demonstrate communication, leadership, community service, research, and familiarity with the dental profession.


The University of Mississippi School of Dentistry is housed at our sister campus, University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson, MS. Download free nypd patch blue bloods software.

To enter dental school, you will need:

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a two-year curriculum that prepares students for the two-year professional program in dental hygiene within the School of Health-Related Professions at the. Graduates with Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Mississippi are employed as clinical practitioners, educators, researchers, administrators, managers, preventive program developers, consultants and in public health agencies. The Dental Hygiene programs at NYU College of Dentistry provide extraordinary clinical and academic opportunities for students interested in preventive oral healthcare and the promotion of good health.

  • BA or BS degree in any major that you choose. Any major is appropriate. Choosing a major that you excel in and enjoy should lead to better grades and allow you to have a more pleasant undergraduate experience. Also, choose a major that can be your contingency plan if you don’t get into dental school or choose not to go!
  • Pre-requisite courses that are required for competitive DAT scores and admission to dental school.
  • Experience in a dental setting, such as shadowing a dentist. This should be one of your first experiences as a pre-dental student. Observing a dentist in action will help you gather the information you need to fully commit to the profession you have chosen and to learn about a variety of dental specialties.
  • A competitive Dental Admissions Test (DAT).
  • Letters of evaluation. Make sure you have contact information for supervisors and dentists you shadow or work with in case you need to ask for letters of evaluation. Try to keep a relationship with someone you will most likely ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • Evidence of leadership and community involvement. Because you are preparing for a humanitarian profession, it is important to have volunteer learning experiences which demonstrate a commitment to service to others. Remember that it’s best to have long-term meaningful involvement in a couple of organizations rather than shallow involvement in many organizations.

What is the success of our students?


Our pre-dental students are highly competitive applicants, who’ve gained entrance to top-ranked dental schools. Their acceptance rate to dental school tops the national average. Our overall UM student dental school acceptance rate is 62.4% (50% nationally). For the students who engage with the HPAO office 5 times or more, their acceptance rate is 90.4% for dental school!

Where have our students been accepted to dental school? All over the US. The attached list provides the acceptance school information for UM pre-dental students from 2014-2019.

Pre-Dental Hygiene

As you become dental hygienist, under the supervision of dentists, you'll examine patients and provide preventative oral care treatment plans to prevent diseases like gum disease, tooth decay and gingivitis. You'll become a healthcare professional licensed to provide oral health services such as teeth cleaning, plaque removal, and oral hygiene education.

Why Consider Dental Hygiene?

Dental Hygiene is a gratifying career for those who are attentive to detail, good with their hands, and interested in other people's health, as you'll study the relationship between diseases of the mouth and the rest of the body.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of dental hygienists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Laboratory Technicians
  • Dental Supply Sales Rep
  • Health Educator
  • Dental Hygiene Instructor
  • Private Dental Practices
  • University Clinics
  • Orthodontic Clinics
  • Government Agencies
  • Dental Supply Companies
  • Community Clinics
  • Non-profit Organizations

Explore: Pre-Dental Hygiene Pathways

Become a student at USM and obtain the necessary requirements to apply to dental hygiene programs, with the guidance of our pathways expert!

University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program Application

University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program
Undergraduate Credit Required60+ hours undergraduate course work
Entrance ExamACT or SAT
Professional Schooling Required2 years dental hygiene school; B.S. Dental Hygiene
Professional Organization WebsitesAmerican Dental Education Association American Dental Association

In Mississippi, there are two primary pathways for dental hygiene, each with their own benefits.

  • USM/UMMC (B.S.): Choose this pathway and after 2 years after completing the prerequisite coursework at USM, you can enter into The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC)’s Bachelor's Degree program in dental hygiene for the other 2 years.
  • USM/PRCC (A.S.): You may choose to attend a junior or community college and receive an associate degree in dental hygiene. The closest community college offering such a program is Pearl River Community College (PRCC) at their Hattiesburg campus. This allows you to begin working in their field earlier and generally requires fewer prerequisites, but with a limited academic background.

Navigating the Application Process

Beginning early with the application process allows students to structure an academic plan of study. Dental Hygiene programs do not admit based on course prerequisites and GPA alone. Most programs also have a series of additional requirements, including submitted ACT scores, a submitted resume, shadowing hours completed (and verified) by a dental hygienist or dentist, possible dexterity tests, and other requirements not listed.

We encourage you to contact our pathways expert to support you in your professional development endeavors.

Strategies for Success

  • Find the curriculum, timeline, and requirements suggested and explained by our pathway expert.

SAT or ACT Prep

  • Haven't taken the SAT or ACT? Prepare by using practice tests/guides: SAT ACT

Practice Your Interview Skills

University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program Near Me

  • Prepare for the interview using USM's online Big Interview resource.
  • You can also sign up for mock interviews through Career Services or the Pre-professional Office.

What Should I Major In?

Even if you plan to apply to a dental hygiene program after taking only the courses required for admission, you must declare an academic major at USM. Explore related majors:

Ummc Dental Hygiene Program

Not interested in the sciences? Explore Schools that have compatible majors, so you pursue a degree that fits your abilities and passions!