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Hello parents and students,
This blog will be one way our class communicates during the school year. I am attaching a calendar so that you can easily see any up coming events or tests, and keep track of assignment due dates. Additionally, students will be working on filling in their student planners as this is a good life skill.

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Welcome to 3rd Grade! Class Blog; Chandler Elementary; Welcome to 3rd Grade! Phone: 972-908-8393. Dmytrus and I this will be my 3rd year teaching in Allen ISD. This is my 1st year teaching at Chandler Elementary and I couldn’t be more excited. My husband and I both work and live in the Allen community and we. Leach Literacy provides unique and dynamic professional development for schools and school districts. Follow our blog for tools, tips and resources. Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to start the school year and meet everyone! This will be my 22nd year teaching in Aurora. I also had an amazing student teaching experience in Australia. Before teaching, I worked at Merrill Lynch for seven years. Support one another. Know it's okay to fail. Find new ways to solve problems. Show respect to everyone. Use our time wisely. Hold each other.

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It is my hope that we will work together this year to maximize student learning opportunities. I believe that parental encouragement is important to student learning. As a parent, when I ask my son what he's learning at school I hear the standard answer, 'I don't know.' I have learned that if I ask more specific questions I may get a better answer. Now I ask him,'What are you writing about in language arts class or what book or story are you reading in class?' If you have any questions about what we are doing in language arts and social studies (history) please contact me. For your convience my e-mail address is: [email protected]Welcome To Mrs. BryanWelcome To Mrs. Bryan

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Thank you for taking the time to read our classroom blog and I am looking forward to our class having a great year!

Mrs. Ginger Martin