What Civs Are In Civ 6


Nov 05, 2019 The accepted parlance for a Civ 6 tier list is to organize each civilization into categories named after the game’s difficulties. That’s exactly what we have done below. The best civs are in the Deity category, followed by Immortal, Emperor, King, Warlord, Chieftain, and finally Settler. Civ 6 Tier List: Best Leaders and Civs by Victory Condition Once you decide which type of victory you want to pursue, you need to choose a proper civilization and a good leader. Some civilizations excel in certain victory types, so be careful what you choose. Try Scythia for a quick Religious Victory in Civ 6. In an interview with PC Games Network, Civ 6 associate producer Sarah Darney argues that Scythia and its leader, Tomyris, is the best option for.

The Empire

  • England is one of the original 19 civilizations available in Civilization VI. England is led by Queen Victoria, the 'grandmother of Europe' and the monarch whose long reign defined an era for.
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IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
BelgiumLeopold IIIndustrial FurrowChasseurChocolaterie
ChileRamon FreireAs You PossessAlmirante Latorre (Battleship)Salitrera
DenmarkChristian IXLeding SystemLinieskib (Frigate)Kobstad (Commercial Hub)
ItalyBenito MussoliniCentres of RenaissanceCondotierreDuomoCollab. with Sukritact and Leugi.
MaliMusa IPilgrim CaravansSofa (Pikeman)Karanso (Campus)Collab. with Sukritact.
Papal StatesPius IXApostolic SeeSwiss Guard (Pikeman)Monastery
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinCommunist NationalismPekhota (Infantry)Naukograd (Neighbourhood)Collab. with Leugi.
WalesLlywelynThe MabinogionSaethwyr (Crossbowman)CaerCollab. with Antagonise.


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
OiratGaldanDorben OiradUlan Zalata (Cavalry)Uyangiin Ger


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
AkkadSargonFirst EmpireNas Qasti (Archer)Sapitu (Encampment)
PhilippinesJosé RizalPearl of the OrientBalangay (Galley)Palengke (Market)
TaínoAnacaonaGuatiaoMacana (Warrior)Batey (Entertainment Complex)


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
CheyenneMohkemeona'eCouncil of the Like HeartedDog Soldier (Swordsman)Hoxeheome
ComanchePotsunakwahipuComanche MoonQuickstinger (Cavalry)Sweat Lodge (Barracks)
IrelandNiallSaints and ScholarsRapparee (Pikeman)Abbey (Holy Site)
MaoriTe AtairangikaahuHakaTaua (Swordsman)Pā (Encampment)Originally made by JFD, but annexed with his approval
NavajoBarboncitoDinetahHataalii (Guru)Hogan (Shrine)
Sri LankaParakramabahu IWewaYodhayo (Knight)Vatadage (Shrine)Originally made by Senshi, but annexed with his approval
KosovoIbrahim RugovaLeague of PrizrenUCK (Infantry)Kulla (Granary)
IroquoisHiawathaGreat Law of PeaceMohawk War Party (Musketman)Longhouse (Granary)
AlbaniaSkanderbegLand of the EagleStradiot (Knight)Tekke (Temple)
ShawneeTecumsehA Dark and Bloody GroundShemagana (Musketman)Hotewe (Neighborhood)


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
ArgentinaEva PerónMalambo y TangoGaucho (Cavalry)Arrabal (Neighborhood)
ColombiaSimón BolívarCúcuta CongressVoltígeroPaisa Town (Commercial Hub)

Maximilian I

Las Tres CulturasRurales (Infantry)Hacienda

Port Lime

IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
ThuleKiviuqHunting of the BowheadDogsled Hunter (Heavy Chariot)Whalebone House
OttomansSelim ISons of OsmanJanissary (Musketman)Bedesten (Bank

Senshi, Chrisy15 and ChimpanG

IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
AssyriaAshurbanipalMise'tuItu'u (Archer)E'mar Ta (Aqueduct)


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
BurmaBayinnaungAhmudan ConscriptionMyinsiPaya
EthiopiaEzanaSolomonic DynastyShotelaiRock-Hewn Church (Temple)
SiamRamkhamhaengSri AyutthayaChang Suek (Knight)Floating Market (Commercial Hub)
SwahiliAl-Hasan ibn SulaimanCoral ConstructionJahaziPillar Tomb (Monument)



IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
JerusalemBaldwin IVDeus VultCrusaderChapter Commandery (Barracks/Stable)
What Civs Are In Civ 6


IconCivilizationLeadersUnique AbilityUnique UnitUnique InfrastructureNotes
AmericaCalvin Coolidge

Dwight D. Eisenhower Download free software joint research program.

George W. Bush

Founding FathersP-51 Mustang (Fighter)Film Studio (Broadcast Tower)
ArabiaSaladinThe Last ProphetMamluk (Knight)Madrasa (University)
AustraliaJohn CurtinBoundless Plains to ShareDigger (Infantry)Outback Station
AztecsItzcoatlLegend of the Five SunsEagle Warrior (Warrior)Tlachtli (Arena)
BrazilGetúlio VargasEmpire of the TropicsMinas Geraes (Battleship)Sambadrome (Entertainment Complex)Ability name requires

Leugi's Getúlio Vargas

ChinaHan Wudi


Dynastic CyclesCrouching TigerGreat Wall
CreePoundmakerNîhithawOkihtcitaw (Scout)Mekewap
EgyptCleopatraIteruWirryt (Heavy Chariot)Sphinx
EnglandAthelstanBritish MuseumSea Dog (Pirvateer)Royal Navy Dockyard (Harbor)
FranceCatherine de MediciGrand TourGarde ImpérialeChâteau
GeorgiaTamarStrength in UnityKhevsurTsikhe (Renaissance Walls)
GermanyAdolf HitlerFree Imperial CitiesU-Boat (Submarine)Hansa (Industrial Zone)
GreeceGorgoPlato's RepublicHoplite (Spearman)Acropolis (Theater Square)
IndiaGandhiDharmaVaru (Horseman)Stepwell
IndonesiaGitarjaGreat NusantaraJongKampung
JapanHojo TokimuneMeiji RestorationSamuraiZaibatsu (Factory)
KhmerJayavarman VIIGrand BaraysDâmri ChâmbăngPrasat (Temple)
KongoAnna NzingaNkisiKilamba (Swordsman)Mbanza
KoreaSeondeokThree KingdomsHwacha (Field Cannon)Seowon (Campus)
MacedonAlexanderHellenistic FusionHypaspist (Swordsman)Basilikoi Paides (Barracks)

Orelie Antoine I

Toqui Malón RaiderChemamull
MongoliaGenghis KhanÖrtöö KeshigOrdu (Stable)


Grote RivierenDe Zeven Provinciën (Frigate)Polder
NorwayHarald HadradaKnarrBerserkerStave Church (Temple)
NubiaAmanitoreTa-SetiPítati Archer (Archer)Nubian Pyramid
PersiaBahram VSatrapiesImmortal (Swordsman)Pairidaeza

Roman DmowskiStanislaw II

Golden LibertyWinged HussarSukiennice (Market)
RomeTrajanAll Roads Lead to RomeLegion (Swordsman)Bath (Aqueduct)
RussiaPeterMother RussiaCossack (Cavalry)Lavra (Holy Site)

Robert the Bruce

Scottish EnlightenmentHighlander (Ranger)Golf Course
ScythiaTomyrisPeople of the SteppeSaka Horse ArcherKurgan
SpainFrancisco PizarroTreasure FleetsConquistador (Musketman)Mission
SumerGilgameshEpic QuestWar-CartZiggurat


IsibongoImpi (Pikeman)Ikanda (Encampment)
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By Dennis Scimeca

If you're just learning to play Civ 6 and want a leg up in your first games, there are three civs that offer very strong advantages you ought not to ignore.

The Civ 6 community on Reddit has picked up on an analysis of civ strength by YouTuber FilthyRobot that breaks all civs down into tiers by power or advantages over other civs. The analysis focuses on whether any civ's advantage is both consistent and strong enough to be a game changer. It also specifies which leaders are the best choices for each civ.

The results may surprise you.

[Top 5] Civ 6 Best And Worst Wonders Wonders: Which To Build And Which To Avoid. If You Play Civ, You Know That Losing A Wonder At The Last Minute Is More Annoying Than A Barbarian Absconding With Your Worker. You Spend A Lot Of Hammers On That Wonder, So You Should Know Which Ones To Invest In! We Sum Up The Five

Best Civ 6 civs and leaders: Scythia embraces early game advantages for the win

The basic formula for the Civilization series breaks gameplay down into eras, with each era offering specific advantages for certain civilizations. Civ 6 has eight different eras, and some civs have devastating advantages specific to the Ancient era when the game begins.

The unique Ancient era ability that makes Scythia such a powerful civ is active immediately, but only if the civ is led by Tomyris (above). Her units gain advantage in battle against wounded units and also heal every time they destroy an enemy unit.

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This makes Scythian units easier to return to full health, and they only become more deadly the longer a battle wears on and the bigger it becomes. Because this advantage is granted to Scythia immediately and lasts throughout the entire game, FilthyRobot ranks Scythia as the best civ in the game.

Best Civ 6 civs and leaders: Sumeria is no pushover

Sumeria's strength also depends on early game advantages, in this case revolving around a specific military unit. The Sumerian war-cart is a heavy cavalry unit that can travel four tiles on flat land. That means you can spread out quickly to deny the enemy territory or harass their weak, early game cities.

FilthyRobot argues that the war-cart is so devastating in the early turns of Civ 6 that Sumeria deserves a spot in the top three. It's also worth noting that Sumeria earns bonus rewards for destroying the Barbarian outposts that are more plentiful in the early game in Civ 6. War-carts can spread out and find those outposts quickly.

Best Civ 6 civs and leaders: Germany embraces industry for the long game

Germany fills out FilthyRobot's top three civs list on account of its tremendous production capacity. German cities have one bonus district per city beyond what population limits ought to allow. They also have access to a unique district type called a Hansa that provides significant bonuses to production.

This makes Germany a civ that targets the long game, ramping up its production capacity in the early and mid games. By the time a German player in Civ 6 hits the Industrial Age, they ought to be ready to produce a huge army of modern war units — you know, just in case, right?

The power list also specifies Frederick as the leader for Germany, for the additional military policy slot he grants. Policies can subtly but meaningfully change the way a civ performs in Civ 6.

Best Civ 6 civs and leaders: The runners-up

FilthyRobot's second-tier civs are Arabia, China, Russia and Rome. The Arabian civ has a unique Medieval-era unit called the Mamluk, a cavalry unit that heals at the end of every turn whether they move or attack or not. Russia has a unique Industrial-era unit called the Cossack, also a cavalry unit, that receives combat bonuses for fighting in or near Russian territory.

China, on the other hand, earns a second-tier slot for construction bonuses rather than military strength. The Chinese leader, Qin Shi Huang, can sacrifice Builder units to markedly speed up construction on Ancient and Classical era Wonders, and the advantage of owning a Wonder during the Civ 6 early game is huge.

Finally, Rome sits at the bottom of the second tier for its bevy of advantages. None of them are game-changing, but they do provide benefits consistently throughout the game. For example, Rome gets unique Bath districts that promote city growth. It also has Legions, unique units that provide strong city defense in the Ancient era.

Best Civ 6 civs and leaders: Watch the whole video here: