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We are a psychologist team, who accentuate the importance of integrated medical services, based in Indonesia. We are working on all themes about child’s and adult’s health, life span development and family.

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We are concerned Americans from many races, religious beliefs, and national origins. Since we were founded on December 9, 1958, we have been men and women of good character, humane conscience, and religious ideals who have worked together to safeguard the Constitution. The John Birch Society is principled, coordinated, and effective activism. We do so without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. Guided by Strategy 2020 – our collective plan of action to tackle the major humanitarian and development challenges of this decade – we are committed, in this fast-changing world, to ‘saving lives and changing minds’.

Kinderhütte as a Holistic Child and Family Health Center Services.

  • Providing health services based on prevention and curation.
  • Providing child, adolescent, and adult services, by prioritizing family and community involvement.
  • Providing services by prioritizing the collaboration of interdisciplinary health care.


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Who We Are

We break new ground for getting optimal results.

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Who We Are

We are committed to our task.


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Dmg mori seiki usa sales incminew. Experiences lead us to be skilled.

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Maria Yulinda Ayu Natalia,
M.Sc., M.Psi., Psychologist