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WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus

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Why WinHKI?
The program is the whole complement to your virus scanner. WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus protection virus tool is an anti virus software that will carry out a complete system background check of Windows to find new worms, adware, Trojans or malicious code that have gotten installed in your system. It is a protection tool and the anti virus software that you have been looking for.
What is an anti virus software?

Anti-virus software is a set of programs in computer language, which will identify the viruses, trojans and worms that get installed in the computer from time to time. Once it locates all these infections, it will carry out the process of getting the system rid of them and the damage they can cause or have caused.

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What is a Trojan?

A Trojan horse is carrier program for malicious code hidden inside a seemingly innocent program or data tray. It sneaks in and stealthily installs itself bundled with games or some utility programs. It can destroy your file allocation tables and cause potentially disastrous damage. Once in, it sets about doing or rather undoing all your hard work and messes up your computer.

What is a Worm?

Not your conventional worm, here you have a computer worm that can multiply or clone itself and unlike a virus, a worm does not need any help to carry out its damaging duties. It is self-sufficient and its job includes exploiting file transmission and other related activities.

Why WinHki Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus?

The biggest advantage lies in the fact that the WinHKI Anti-Virus will carry out a complete system background check of Windows to see if there any suspicious additions or modifications. If the WinHki anti-virus detects a worm or virus, it will immediately remove it to ensure that there is no further activity from the infection. Since the space requirement is only a marginal 0.4 MB, it will work behind the scenes for you to give you optimum output from your computer system.



While using the WinHKI Anti-Virus, ensure that your system calculates the checksums (to do so you have to click on “calculate checksums”). If a pack service program has been installed, you would need to recalculate the checksums as installations can modify the system settings. Just click on “check system” and it will perform a full system check for viruses on your computer. If you are looking for an automatic check, the anti-virus will work in the background, thus enabling you to continue your work uninterrupted.


The system check is a fully updated program trained to keep a keen eye out for worms, trojans, and potentially dangerous viruses.

It ensures that you don't need to maintain a Virus Database

A complete system check is done to identify and locate any suspicious changes

It’s the ultimate companion to your virus scanner.

It works very swiftly requiring only 0.4 MB space.

It is smart enough to work in the background and alerts you only if any infection is detected for immediate action and correction.
We are WIN 95, WIN 98, ME, XP, 2000 and Vista compatible.
We provide excellent dedicated customer supportThe software is equipped with an auto-updating feature.


or order (Comany Site License) here
For Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.
If you register:
-> Support
-> 'Anti Virus Team' for your warning files
-> Updates
Copyright: Hanspeter Imp

ZIP Software - Backup Program - What is WinHki?

Looking for a simple and easy to use and really effective archiver and data file compression agent with password protection and which will open most archives? A DIY program of sorts that will not ask you to do it but will do the work for you? You are definitely looking in the right place! Test this backup software!

We introduce WinHKI to you. This is a zip program that gives you ease of use, flexibility and the option of selecting the crypt technology best suited to your needs. It has an archiving facility that’s slightly different and therefore, better than most.

On WinHKI, you will find functions like zip files, backup program creation, crypting, zip software extraction among its tools which make it a complete and competent package for the user. These are essential tools that are required for efficient file management and archiving. An efficient backup program is a necessary crisis management tool. As the term suggests, it’s your backup in case of loss of data or files. This forms an essential part of the WinHKI file compression program.

For Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

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All data should ideally be stored in a way so as to get optimum space utilization and WinHKI is here to help you with that. Here is a file compression tool that will make your data files small, really small! You get the best compression ratio levels for archiving data files. Files can be then be protected by crypt technology. WinHKI will do all the extracting and creation of files keeping it tightly tailored to your requirements. It will compress and extract other formats also. SFX is a stand-alone downloadable program for extracting Hki archives that will create an exe file.

The compress program works on these lines - 36.261.871 bytes are reduced by 100%, ZIP (max.), 17.085.332 bytes by 47% and HKI (HKI2 - max.): 14.423.939 bytes by 39%. HK11, 12 and 13 will give you some of the best ratios in this line. The download functions that are available here are Compression hki 1, extract hki1-3, zip, ace, arc, arj, bh, cab, gzip, jar, lha, rar, tar and zoo. Next is the 8 Encryption algorithms - decrypt and encrypt which is also available as a free download.

Winhki Checksumcalculator Antivirus Download Free

The WinHKI software package is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista.


Here are some of the features of the registered version:

HTML compression: This is the program’s ability to compress a given page by a certain margin to enable optimum utilization of space.

Picture compression: This is the same as HTML compression except here pictures and images are compressed instead of text.

Archive Protection: This means that your archives are password protected to avoid accidental deletion or tampering. Signature and support, spanning, splitting, encrypting and decrypting are all part of WinHKI and these come under the aegis of being registered.

This is what we have to offer you and more - give us a chance to show you that we have what you need. Run the free trial, sit back, and allow us to make your job easier!

Test-drive the free version first, which will show you what an enormous difference WinKHI can make to your systems. If you are satisfied, only then purchase a registered copy to enjoy the complete benefits of the package.
WinHKI is a file compression tool which makes, as the files are much smaller; save space on your HD or on your web-based disk storage.

Winhki Checksum Calculator Antivirus Download Free Windows 7

Use 'best compression ratio' level archiving your data-files, therebly saving money and space. You can also select some crypt-technologies to protect your data. Test this archive utility.