Xprog 5.84 Certificate Lost Solutionauto Diagnostic Tool


Error 1:
Xprog V5.84 failed to read serial eeprom, don’t display eeprom options.
Error “For information, please refer to xprog-m users manual”

Predragmarkovic11 Wrote: Pleas help for flash xprog 5.84 i need flash for atmega for xprog 5.84 DUDE STOP POSTIG THE SAME QUESTION AGAIN, AGAIN AGAIN IN 6 THREADS, Sonder Hash Code & EZS Password Service, Ask via PM. Reading 8 Foot Chip Free Clip Adapter with CGDI Prog BMW and XPROG 5.60 /5.74/5.84 and UPA USB ECU Programmer $49.99 CGDI Prog BMW MSV80: 1.High technical tool which mainly doing Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance. Xprog 5.84 Auto ECU Programmer V5.84 Xprog M Box with XPROG 5.8.4 Software And USB Dongle V5.84 Xprog M Box with XPROG 5.8.4 Software And USB Dongle No need activation with V4.4 Xprog Firmware And USB Dongle Skype: [email protected],Whatsapp: +1020 # Xprog.

The users were notified that Xprog V5.84 had no eeprom capabilities which was different from V5.74/5.60/5.55 etc, however, the newest v5.84 software modified the software to enable eeprom reading capabilities.

Error 2:
Bought xprog 5.84 box from China, installed on my windows 7 32bit according to the instruction video. When I am going to read eeprom the “Waiting Certificate” bar moving always.

Possible reason:

This means the certificate has been lost.

Very important!!!

xprog m 5.84 with usb dongle, no need activation, but Please be noted to click on the registry before opening the software each time to prevent loss of the certificate.

What to do?

Option 1:

Send back to the seller for repair.

Option 2:

Replace the chip, solder by yourself.

This is ATMEGA64A Chip For XPROG-m V5.84 Replacement Soldering Chip


Age of war 3 (hacked)gamerate.

PS: This Chip only works for XPROG V5.84 version ,it does not supports any low version update to V5.84.

Xprog 5.84 Certificate Lost Solution Auto Diagnostic Tools

Where to buy the ATMEGA64A Chip?

Please feel free contact at E-Mail:[email protected]

Xprog 5.84 Certificate Lost Solution Auto Diagnostic Tool Free

XPROG Box V5.84 using tips:

Everytime before run V5.84 software ,please MUST CLICK 5.84 Registry File .So it can avoid lost certificate.

Please MUST click this before run V5.84 software

Do not try to update it ,otherwise device will dead, buyer suffer it .

Xprog 5.84 Certificate Lost Solution Auto Diagnostic Tool Download

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